Saturday, December 29, 2007

The most offensive blog ever created (o realli)?

Ok, so some of you may've clicked on a link and wondered if there is a blog archive for "Worst Joke Topic Evar". There is, and if you've been using blogs, you know it isn't hard to find around this page.

Hopefully I still have my blardy karma intact =(

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day of shame for Christians on Xmas, courtesy of BN

#1 - Jesus is a servant of God, says Badawi

link from the Star.

"He also cited the similarities that Christian and Islam shared, adding that in the Quran, Jesus (Prophet Isa) was a servant of God."

I am not a Christian, but in Christianity it is obvious Jesus is revered as the Son of God. Whatmore, Badawi demonstrated his lack of tact at a Christmas tea party organised by the Christian Federation of Malaysia and hosted by KL Archbishop Datuk Murphy Pakiam.

#2 - Respect Islam while celebrating Christmas, Tsu Koon

Another Christianity-shaming incident happened at Penang:

link from Lim Kit Siang's blog.

And his Christmas message was just one paragraph: “Malaysians, while celebrating Christmas, must respect Islam as the country’s official religion.”

The non-Muslims attending the Christian Federation of Malaysia's party in Penang is obviously irate with Tsu Koon's speech. What is worst these words comes not from a typical Malay-Muslim conservative minister (which would be inflamatory, but still understandable) but from a CHINESE! It's obvious how fucking low Tsu Koon has kowtowed to his BN masters.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Movie review: Atonement

those buggers should atone themselves for making this pretentious turd

A former college mate, Phillip invited me to premiere of this movie organised by magazine KLite. This was premiered not long ago in Britain and was said to be in running for Oscars and Academy Award or stuff. So I went few hours ago, eager to knock my balls off. It got 84% rating of freshness on Rotten Tomatoes so, it ain't gonna hurt, right?

Big mistake, getting in late. I was few minutes late and apparently the damn movie started ON time, and I guess without any message from sponsors =P Missing out first crucial minutes of a movie can be real pain in the arse, as I sat down and there's this little girl, Briony Tallis who just started rehearsing her play with her cousins. What made it worse there was no subtitle, and all the cockney or whatever English accent can be hard to decipher at times.

Things started to get annoying and cumbersome when the scenes started to resemble those Malaysian "Cerekarama"* on screen. I despise those kind of family-oriented melodrama which makes me at times wish I could watch gay porn instead. Ok not that twisted, but watching a baboon scratch his arse on National Geography would be better. Then there is the most fucked up thing I've ever witnessed on that night:

Yeah, every anorexic girl's dream figure....yucks!

There's a scene where Knightley's character was lounging by the lake with her brother, Leon and his friend and she's wearing that hideous looking swimsuit couple with a cap on her head. Jebus, the worst part of the scene was to steer my eyes from her (really lack of)boobs. Hell those sickos even designed the swimsuit some few holes just to let us peek on her tits...uggghhhhh.

I tell you one of those actors can really act. Leon's friend Paul Marshall has the most sickening pedophile look I've ever witnessed (I don't think you would want to offer a compliment for that actor) and when he offered chocolate to the eldest cousin, Lola Quincey (she's looks only 10) you can bet your bottoms he's eyeing on her! Eeewwwww sick! sick! sick! I bet you again by the end of the movie when the crucial twist comes, you won't be surprised. >_>

Anyway the story is Cecillia Tallis (played by Keira Knightley) had a love affair with her handyman Robbie (James McAvoy). Her dad sponsored that bloke through college apparently as well. Robbie did save her sister Briony's life when the latter dared him to save her from drowning. Apparently she had a crush on him, but misunderstanding grew when Robbie became close to Cecillia and she started seeing them do um....some naughty things. First time Cecillia stripped to her undergown in front of Robbie at a fountain and Briony well, caught her from the house window. Actually, Robbie dropped some precious stuff into the fountain and poor Cecillia has to strip and dive in to grab it back (bad Robbie) and besides, it's a totally wrong spot to do a striptease act. Secondly, Robbie asked Briony to deliver an apology letter to Cecillia which turned out mailed a wrong post containing a really filthy word (starting with a C and rhymes with aunt). Well as kids are nosy, Briony took a peek and was shocked (duh) and not surprisingly later she caught her sister making out with Robbie. Later when Lola was sexually molested at night while rest of the family were looking for her twin brothers, Briony told the family Robbie did it. Well, if you're Briony you had to, don'cha? Robbie's lil' nasty sex pervert somebody's gotta nail him away.

And away he did. He got assigned in an army during WWII (besides its better than rotting in jail) while Cecillia became a nurse. Poor lovebyrds got seperated during the war, boo-hoo. Briony became a nurse too like her sister and after the war, she felt guilty about framing Robbie into prison and tried to make amends.

The critics can rave all the bloody lot their want; woah its a contender for Oscars etc but the total sales worldwide speaks of itself; measly 2 million US dollars. Sure there is a stunning 5-minute uncut scene on beach of Dunkirk which is the most epic moment of the whole movie, but I might as well cut it out from rest of this pretentious muck and post it on Youtube. The first half of Atonement is pointless, boring you feel threatened to walk out of the cinema any time. Really, like those Malay telenovelas where the dialogue is so freaking pointless and banal. Talking about chemistry between Knightley and does the story even gave premise for that?! The best lines Cecillia can mutter are "Come back....I love you". I can't believe how stupid those critics are, the script is as profound as some trite teenage paperback and their romance is as meaningful as two wood blocks humping together.

Well to credit, the ending does give some sort of devastating twist. But then as the movie ends, you wonder what's the fuss all about. Don't worry, it's not your fault Phil buddy.

*Cerekarama = Malay soap-operas

Saturday, December 15, 2007

WTF? o_O Chelsea's party before the big showdown.

Is this some sort of late Halloween thing? Didn't they have a BIG game against Arsenal to prepare? It's not like you're dealing with Derby or Boro >_>

Um, new addition to The IncrediblesTM . Terryman

Sheva as...himself.

Fat Lamps with his leg?

Pisarro looked like some Ah Kua Roman senate >_>

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pirate DVDs are fucking annoying

I am sick of this shit. I remember at climax of Clint Eastwood's "The Good, the Bad and The Ugly" where the Eastwood and two other gunshooters were having this showdown and the DVD gave way. KNNCB. Last week I watched "The Magnificent Seven" and again at halfway the DVD lagged. I think I would start downloading movies la. At least save me some rm. Soon those blardy pirates will go bankrupt and go back to peddling drugs.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

3 more rallies expected this month. Expect the FRU ready to rumble.

St0rmFury from posted this on the Malaysian forum "Back to Reality":

Well, the first one is not really a rally. It's a festival to celebrate Human Rights Day which is organized by the bar council every year. That will be on December 9 at Sogo. More details at

The second one should be interesting. To recap, the government is planning to amend the constitution (again) to allow Abdul Rashid (EC chairman) to serve one more year (presumably so he can clean out his closet and manipulate the next GE). The topic will be discussed on December 11 and BERSIH is planning a gathering at the parliament to protest.

The third one is even more interesting. As we all know, the toll is going to be increased (again) next year. Expect to see the Kesas demonstration all over again. Not much details on this one yet.

Expect Al-jazeera and BBC especially getting their lenses ready. How would the BN dictatorship and hypocritical spin-doctors utilise the police force and the FRU? Expect more international coverage. The Indians all around the world especially are getting pissed with the way Nazri beruk tell Tamil Nadu chief to fuck off and mind his own business. Certainly not a way to end Visit Malaysia Year 2007 graciously ain't it?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Watch these lame jamming videos

Just had our Galaxy Chamber Concert today. OMG probably the best concert by our orchestra so far. Too bad our recital before the concert blows ass. Maybe its fact that wind players take tons of hours to warm up. Hey maybe thats a good thing we had that recital or else the actual concert would've sucked balls. Here are some clips (shot by some pariah Canon Powershot). Dont' ask me what piece we played. I can only say its from some usual French composer.

Yeah, u can spot me alright. I still freaking hate fact my face blew up like a pufferfish evertytime I blow, especially when playing really high-pitched notes. Flautists, don't lecture me I tried plastic surgery that is. Idiots.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Donnie Brasco (1997)


Starring: Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Michael Madsen, Anne Heche, Bruno Kirby; Directed by Mike Newell; Based on the book ``Donnie Brasco, My Undercover Life in the Mafia'' by Joseph Pistone and Richard Woodley.

Rated R
(violence, Gore, profanity, vulgarity, nudity, sex, racial epithets)

Nothing kicks ass like watching good old mob movie. I rejoiced discovering this at a pirate DVD shop alongside Damansara Uptown =P Based on a true story, this tells the story of an FBI undercover agent Joseph Pistone (played by Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp), under alias Donnie Brasco in attempt to infiltrate the operations of Bonano crime family befriended "Lefty" Benjamin Rugierro(Al Pacino), an experienced but a low-level mobster who is a chronic gambler and disilusioned
with the family constantly bypassing him for promotion to higher ranking positions. After the head of the mob Carlina Galente was executed, Dominic Napolitiano (Michael Madsen) took over the top post much to Lefty's chagrin (not to mention frustration). Lefty nurtures Donnie as a sort of his protege, and moulded him in various ways eg: always roll your banknotes, not keeping them in wallet, mobs don't wear jeans, "a friend of mine" refers to a connected guy and "a friend of ours" refers to a made man.

This film is different from Scorsese mob movies which is epic and broadly cinematic like a modern version of Greek mythology. Donnie Brasco doesn't start with blood and guts but in a quiet cafe where Lefty first got to knew the undercover agent Pistone. Lefty got to know Donnie as a jeweller then offered to sell a diamond ring for 8k which Donnie brushes it off as fake. Long chat and arguments later, they decided to visit the conman who sold Lefty the ring and run off towing his Porsche (lol).

Al Pacino is in his element as usual, displaying vulnerable and human side of a mobster. In the movie, he doesn't really look threatening enough to know he will slit your throat when you turn your back. Although not as outstanding as his performances in "Dog Day Afternoon" and "Serpico" he impresses nonetheless. Johnny Depp is so much better than his typecast as a goofy pirate, playing an agent who juggles between an already collapsed marriage and affection for his "mentor" whom he is supposed to betray.

While Scorsese movies depicts great rise and fall of mobsters, this movie would move you to the end on touching poignancy. This is a great movie to watch, though beware there is an extremely gut-wrenching scene in the film. Why does mobsters always use the phrase "Fuggetdabouit"? Watch out for Lefty's dialogue in a pub which explains it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quitting the blardy job

Still working part-time at Wiliiam Lee Agency. One day boss Roger at USJ branch offered me RM 900 full time from Dec. Wah, we all know la its the peak season where form 5 students after SPM are eager to get drivers license. No thanks lah. What are the hours? Oh maybe 9.00 am till 6.00 p.m and on "transport" day from 7.00 a.m till 8.00 p.m.

I know how much my boss(es) get from this business dammit. Last Dec while fed up of graphic designing grabbed this job One week I fetch at least 40 students. Freakin rm 900 is peanuts. If I can do a gig at some hotels I can earn that money in few nights. I will really do it if:

- they compensated my rm 3400 paid for my semester
- pay increase to rm 1500 a month at least
- 15% of the company's profit goes to me.

Like its going to happen anyway =P

Better quit as soon as possible. Every Friday night I dread working next day and the thought of meeting Roger. I'm still pissed the fact I'm forced to follow them on a "company trip" to Cameron Highlands and missed first night of London Symphony Orchestra because Roger decided to stop Ipoh halfway home. Yeah I'm a white coffee freak but LSO comes once in a blue moon. Anyway when I graduate I can earn at least three times the freaking amount. Sem break is coming up and I'm planning a sort of "practice marathon" on a "solitary period". Here's my schedule:

7:30 a.m - Wake up, work out
8:00 a.m - Intimate time with White Coffee a.k.a breakfast =P
9:00 a.m - drive to college
9:30 a.m - Flute long tones
10:30 a.m - Stroll through some pieces or two
10.45 a.m - Scales and arpeggios
12.00 p.m++ - Lunch
1.00 p.m - Practice keyboard. Got to work on keyboard harmony man
1.30 p.m - flute workout. Usually pieces. Or maybe some tough exercises from "Trevor Wye Complete Exercises for Flute"
3.30 p.m - practice either keyboard or aural crap
4.30 p.m - Back to flute
7.00 p.m - sick of practice
8.00 pm ++ - after dinner, cello practice
10.00 p.m - Online. God knows wat time I sleep and hopefully don't wake up late for next day.

All until next January. Bliss! Hopefully when MPYO audition opens up I could join as a flautist, eh flutist (whatever). Asraf quitted weh, he said. Now got only three flute players in the orchestra.

I don't even know if I could follow that schedule. I hope to break Sviatoslav Richter's record of 9 hours practice. No wonder the man's a God.

Best pathway is by quitting the damn job A.S.A.P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Khairy Jamaluddin is a piece of shit.

Latest racist tripe from UMNO assembly:

“Today is the first time the Umno president’s speech is not being read by the masses because a particular ethnic group controls the distribution line of newspapers and they are on holiday.” Khairy Jamaluddin.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know this is the sequel to the infamatory speech he made in last year's UMNO assembly.

Who insisted on carrying on meeting on a sacred celebration day of a marginalised race with "tight schedule" as a lame excuse?! A slap in the face for that particular race, the TRUTH is.

The myopic reality is this. The no. 1 enemy of racial integration is none other than Mr Son-in-law himself.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I love Harry Callahan.

Damn. So must get the freakin' DVD. So far watched two Dirty Harry movies, the original one and The Enforcer. This little scene from the movie rocks!

Plot quoted from wikipedia:

Years have passed since he foiled the psychotic Scorpio Killer, corrupted officer Lt. Neil Briggs, and the unruly People's Revolutionary Strike Force. But now Dirty Harry, now in his 50's, is back on the trail of a new cold-blooded killer, who may be more dangerous than himself or any of the killers he ever faced.
Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke) and her sister were gang raped years ago, after a female friend of the gang, Ray Parkins and had persuaded them to come to a fair. The brutal rape left the sister permanently catatonic and almost vegetative. Jennifer is now out for revenge. She kills her attackers one by one, shooting them first in the genitals then between the eyes, except for the female who is shot in the heart.

Must get the damn DVD! w00t!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Enough of politikus crap lah.

Ok, today I'll post very typical blog entry la. No boring rants abt politics, classical music and trying to post on "third person view".

1st, pics time!

blogger with flutist Emmanuel Pahud

I went to both day concerts of Berlin Baroque Soloists. And it's the only significant ensemble coming to KLCC this 07/08 season after last June's London Symphony Orchestra, who belted out the unforgettable Star Wars theme as encore which still left me drooling (...).
Anyway, more details in my classical music blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pak Lah: King of Sandiwara or a Schizo?

It was not far ago that Badawi gave yet another "revelatory" speech entitled "Lets Face the Truth". He said, “We do not want to pretend and say that everything is okay. We do not want to be in a state of denial. Tell the truth, even if it is painful.” Does he really mean it? Then came contradictory stuff coming out of BN. For one, this year's UMNO General Assembly will not be telecasted live. We all know what happened last year, with racist words spilled out of leaders whom some thought would come from PAS. I read a paper today which the minister quotes that the public can't handle blunt statements coming out from certain speeches. Freaking A right, this year they'll continue to blame the Chinese and waving keris - this time in closed doors.

Secondly is this article: Kit Siang quotes an article from Malaysiakini which is baffling to say at least; Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin has told editors not to play up negative news because Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s pledge to “hear the truth” does not apply to the media. Oh maybe this explains;

"Zainuddin then explained that Abdullah’s often repeated pledges of “listening to the truth” were only restricted to government officials and Barisan Nasional leaders so as to assist the cabinet in making decisions. Based on the account by a well-placed source, Zainuddin said Abdullah’s pledge did not mean that the media have the green light to practice unrestrained reporting because certain topics were considered highly sensitive. "

Meanwhile blogger Jeff Ooi seemed to have opened up a can of pWNage on Badawi:

How long must the PM continue to play games on people? Sweet talking all the stuff about integrity, telling truths, tolerence while shit comes out from his butt. Talk about racial tolerance when he closes one eye on his son-in-law making racist statements on Chinese during last year's UMNO general assembly. Talking about transparency and honesty while still suppressing media freedom. The flip-flopping or whatever you call it is turning into a farce.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I suck at teh cello.

The cello sounds gorgeous and plays fun. I discovered the really nasty downside of playing a stringed instrument like that one.

- Farking "A" string SNAPPED today, after asking a friend to tuned it. I just barely replaced it a month ago. Can't blame him though, the only people who can tune the damned thing without snapping the string is my friend Kin keong and my cello teacher Jonathan. For your info I'm using the Jargar string. Shit brand. I asked Jon to get me a better one, most probably Larsson and I hope not to hear him say "Jargar is all I can find". Bloody hell. Prepare to blow one hundred bucks, FUCK.

- It's freaking huge and annoying to carry.

So, you chose to play the CELLO dumbass! Quit bitchin' and get a violin instead.

Me: I hate the violin, it's too damn small for my fingers, sounds like freakin mosquito and the only one who can play the damn thing and not sounding like one is David Oistrakh and I ain't him.

- It's much harder to tune the damn thing compared with my flute (flute?! har har hardy, just push that mouthpiece in and out only mah).

- And it sucks to just depend on your teacher to tune the damn instrument (I'm a damn baby, but I just learned under Jonathan last few months). When the damn thing is out of tune, how can you bloody practise?! I haven't been touching the damn thing since a week, I'm soooooooo fucked.

- I just misplaced my cello-stopper (for your info, the thing that helps to stop the tip or "leg" of the instrument from scratching your precious marble tiles or floor), spend two days trying to find it. If I reaaaallllyyyy lost it, be prepared to blow at least 40 bucks to get a replacement. Can anyone scream FARK for me now?!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Chelski fans are a joke.

Since "Teh Special One"s supposed resignation, it comes to no surprise the London club has gone into a state of mourning sort of like when the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in 1997. Why not? Since "Teh Special One's" reign, they won the Premiership twice when it would've taken another 100 years for them to achieved, broken records of all sorts (most points accumulated as champions, less goals conceded blah blah) and qualified for the Champions League Semi Finals thrice. Even those who despises him cannot fail to admit his colourful "Moaningho-isms" that has spiced up sports tabloids before and after games. His comments could border from instant pWNage against particularly a Sir Alex Ferguson to downright embarassing, banal and hypocritical (again, who's perfect? Not even my beloved Mr Arsene).

But then consider also ironically "Teh Special One" could not win a Champions League trophy with 100 million pounds more budget compared with his shrewd days in Porto and lately while his post-match commentaries were as colourful as ever, his team's display on the pitch contradicted that. The draw in Rosenburg and loss at Aston Villa proves that. Kudos for Abromovich for doing the sensible thing (if indeed he did, but who cares?!).

Perhaps the bewilderament are sentiments of some Chelsea fans that seemed to direct their anger towards their club's Benefactor for the sacking of their beloved idol. Quote this sentence I found in a blog:

"Who cares about that Russkie owner and his oily roubles? Without a good manager, a good, inspirational anchor, the team would be nothing! "

What a sorry state they are to even realise without even Abramovich, they could not even thought of fantasizing "Teh Special One" coming to the club to coach the team. -_-


Friday, August 10, 2007

Negaraku rap video lyrics

Wonder what is the fuss about? Read the direct English translation here.

2007 Visit Malaysia Year Main Theme
I Love My Country

Performance : Ming Zhi
Original Track : Malaysia National Anthem
Rap Words : Ming Zhi
Composer : Ming Zhi
Video : Ming Zhi, Ah Lai
Editing : Ming Zhi

Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Chew Kinna [Smelly kid] (Bastard)
Yo! Yo! Yo!Chew Kinna [Smelly kid] (Bastard)
Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!

Negaraku (My country)
Negarakuku (Crazy country)
Negaraku (My country)
Negarakuku (Crazy country)
Negaraku (My country)
Negarakuku (Crazy country)

Yo!Yeah!I love my country
Have country only have home
Have home only have me
Stand here with you
Singing song aloud
You don't have to be afraid
Even though I scold vulgar words everytime
My songIs just like durian
hard hard sharp sharp
Only that
See if you dare to open
And look at the truth inside
It can stink
It can be fragrant
Only to see you have what kind of nostrils

Our cops
Are called 'mata'
Because their eyes are very sharp
When new year is here
They will be hard working
Take out their pens but rarely they give you bill
Because they are very thirsty
Need to drink tea
And plain coffee
Whether to add sugar
If add sugar
Their mouth will be very sweet and smile at you
When you are about to leaveThey will wave you 'tata' (goodbye)
Negarakutanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup (Negaraku Negarakuku)
bersatu dan maju (Negaraku Negarakuku) (Negaraku Negarakuku)

This phenomenon
No need to improve
No need to enforce
Cooperation between the cops and the people
The love around a cup of coffee will never weaken
I like it a lot
At least won't get ticket when I reach home
My father will get angry
I'll get beaten up
No car for me to drive
This time is too much
No car
How do I go out and play?
No car
How do I have wild sex?
No car
How do I see transvestite?

This countryI like very much
5 o'clock in the morning
Has morning call to wake me up
Sometimes several buildings sing together
Listen to them like listening to duets of love songs
Bend their voices to and fro like singing R&B
Even though sometimes they sing out of tune
Even though sometimes they even sing till voice broken
Some sound like rooster
But wake up earlier than rooster
Only this we will be able to know to prepare for class for work

Don't blame
Goverment only know taking care of natives
Don't blame
We didn't get treated equally
This can prove us Chinese not afraid of enduring hardships
This can train us to look for way out in dire situations
Don't feel that their standard
Is very strange
Because this way it can reflect that we are
Very formidable children who have not been spoiled
Otherwise you see some people now
Still haven't stopped drinking breast milk
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakan
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

The people hiding in government's offices even better
Whatever they do they can do it slowly
Eventhough those people in the queue want to scold[Smelly lilai]
Their mood is still leisurely and carefree
Sometimes even take out their cakes
They eat their nyonya cakes
You continue queueing
Eventhough you scold them [smelly lilai] also nevermind
Because the guard at the side, he is dreaming
He won't scold you

They wrap their heads
Walk slowly, cross the roads slowly
You drive past them has to give way carefully
Most important is to live happily
Most important is to live comfortably
Don't be like the Chinese
Whole day very busy
Very tiring
This kind of spirit we really have to admire
Because this is their attitude(attitude attitude)

This song I've been speaking good
Believe that you who are angry with me must like
World very peaceful
Very hopeful
Nobody got injured
No indiscipline
You are very noble
You are very graceful
**** is fragrant
Won't scold vulgarities
You are most classy
Everyday play with romance
Listen to Guang Liang Ping Guan
But they already ran to Taiwan

Private secondary school student after graduation
Want to enter local universities very difficult
Actually this kind of thing we don't have to get angry
This is actually a great plan of the government
They want us to run everywhere
Go overseas to look for hope
Then learn stuffs come back repay country
This plan is really
Good till speechless
Everywhere in the world you can see Malaysia's children
Like fleeing from a calamity(Rahmat bahagia)
Very nice [shiok]

2007 Malaysia do visitation
Chinese tradition all brought out for propagation
Private secondary school student government doesn't care
Diploma thrown into drain
Like meChinese educated went to Taiwan after graduation
Learned something
Ready to go back repay country
I stand by the road side of Taipei holding guitar
But my mouth
Is still the same singing
Rahmat bahagiaTuhan kurniakan
Raja kitaselamat bertakhtaWooooo~~~ Oh~~~

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and teh Inevitable farewell

Ok, I pre-ordered the book roughly four weeks into release. I didn't order it in any big bookstore chains eg; MPH, Popular, Kinokuniya or Borders. I didn't attend any lavish pre-launch party, re-read all the six books, dress up as wizard (imagine how gay I would look), trying to sign up a magic course, Wiccanism or even Satanism (lol), or spend stupid money buying books such as "WILL HARRY SURVIVES IN BOOK 7" or speculative crap that some idiots decides to spin some money from guillable Pottermaniacs. No I didn't camp outside the bookstore I pre-ordered (some bookstore at Damansara Uptown which offered RM 20 gift voucher as rebate which isn't bad) several hours or days prior to it's release. And I can't finish the book in 7 hours course I have very important things to do in live like trying to prepare for a choir concert and work. Maybe I should have because I read Berita Harian (some Malay language paper) and an idiot AP reporter helped to spoil the book (yes, Harry actually didn't die *).

Good for you guys who grabbed the book at RM 69.90 from Tesco or Carrefour. I didn't regret pre-ordered it, it's better than waiting half a year and then get bombarded with spoilers which ruined my Half-Blood Prince experience (although getting RM 39.90 for a hard cover version is worth it). Although what's with Bloomsbury and J.K Rowling trying to milk the worth of this book with RM 109.90 price tag?! (dun ask me how many pounds izzit, count your maths). The Fifth book (Order of the Phoenix) was the thickest with roughly 140 pages more than DH and costs 20 ringgit cheaper. Oh well, the hypermarket giants decided to spoil the party by offering the book at ridiculously rock-bottom price it made you want to bang your head on the war for pre-ordering. Who needs all the fancy, unnecessary parties when you can just slash the book price and dangle em' like a carrot? A bookstore who participated in a boycott against the hypermarket tycoons (and backfired reeeaaaallll badly) complained that they need the profits to cover the costs of holding lavish wizarding parties for Potter-maniacs. Then again, it's not that bad to hire Justin Timberlake and sing for them "Cry me a river". =P

How was the book? I had a little mixed feelings like the others. I like the way she handles the theme of death, which Rowling got Potterites obssessed about it since Cedric Diggory's death in book 4, and it's not just the silly "WHO GONNA DIE NEXT" like the bookmakers predicting whether Manchester United will win the Premiership again. The theme plays a central part in the climax of the novel, which would've been awesome had not some stupid reporter spoiled it again =P. There are moments of genuine terror and suspense and the "Armageddon" in book is handled quite well but apart from it are pickets of rotten apples. Searching for horcruxes becomes more of a challenge for readers to get over than for the character themselves and sometimes readers might ask if "are they freakin' going anywhere?!" and "will somebody smack the bejebus out of Hermione?!". And yeah, the epilogue SERIOUSLY read like some fan-fiction crap. I think I emphathise with a lot of readers not knowing the fate of other characters especially LUNA LOVEGOOD, OMG!!! Part of why Lord of the Rings billions of times more cojones than Harry Potter will ever be because the epilogue and aftermath after the ring's destruction is ultimately satisfying. Seriously Rowling, millions of Potterites don't mind spending another 30 pounds or so if you could re-write a decent ending for the book.