Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quit being a retard, Muhiyiddin.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin gave a speech in light of recent by-election defeats in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. In a rencana interview by Utusan's Mingguan Malaysia tabloid, the DPM said the Chinese voters have duped BN despite millions of ringgit given to the community for development and they were tidak mengenang budi (ungrateful). Muhiyiddin later lambasted the Chinese press for supposedly twisting his words in that interview.

"I think it's the Chinese papers. I don't know. I don't read Chinese but I got people who reported to me and they (the Chinese dailies) twisted my statement," he said. He also denied saying the Chinese were ungrateful in the interview. "No, no (I didn't say ungrateful). Did you read my Bahasa (Malaysia)? Even (deputy education minister) Wee Ka Siong knows Bahasa. "In Bahasa, I said 'seolah-olah tak menghargai' (‘They seemed to be unappreciative'). You have to read the whole context. Don't pick up just like that," he said. He also appeared to be annoyed with reporters who continued to pester him on the issue. "If you don't understand Bahasa, I can send you to school to understand it." He said that his language in the interview was "very clear and straight" and there was no way it could be twisted. "When you start twisting the whole thing, it puts me in sort of a bad light among the Chinese community," he said.

Muhyiddin unfortunately looked as if has a low-IQ capacity in his lame attempt to defend or sidetrack the remarks he made. Following is the full interview posted here on Utusan Online, HERE.

What is even more disturbing here is that the whole interview smacks of xenophobia ala Hitler who ascended to power by making Jews scapegoats for "corruption" of Germany. The headline entitled Kuasa penentu Melayu hilang jika terus berpecah had Muhiyiddin opined that the minorities (Chinese and Indians) knew they're kingmakers in the elections and warns Malay race that they will turn into a minority if they keep rejecting UMNO in next upcoming elections. These minorities are deceitful people who applauds when BN delivers millions of ringgit in development but then snubs their contribution when it comes to votes, hence they're ungrateful bastards.

If the Chinese press are to be blamed for taking his remarks out of context, here is an actual quote from Utusan website, word by word:

"Saya fikir paling jelas terbukti masyarakat Cina dan India belum bersedia menerima apa-apa bentuk pimpinan kerajaan yang seperti ada sekarang ini, lebih lagi agak terlalu menonjol ialah terhadap apa yang berlaku di Perak itu sendiri. Sesetengah masyarakat di sana, melihat ia dari sudut yang rasis, kerajaan orang Cina ditumbangkan oleh kerajaan orang Melayu walaupun tanggapan itu tidak betul.

Mungkin mereka tidak berapa jelas cara dari sudut Perlembagaan dan peraturan, maka mereka melihat apa yang berlaku sebagai satu bentuk menolak hak majoriti rakyat, mereka mahu kerajaan dipilih seperti pilihan raya lepas."

It is apparent from my understanding that he remarked the minority voters who rejected BN are not educated enough to understand the workings of the law and Constitution.

"Tetapi bukankah setiap kali pilihan raya kecil, permintaan kaum bukan Melayu dipenuhi, malah di Bukit Gantang walaupun peruntukan RM1juta diberikan tetapi kaum Cina tidak juga menyokong BN?

MUHYIDDIN: Ya, kadang-kadang kita berasa terpedaya juga kerana zahirnya nampak macam 'ok', sambutan dengan tepukan gemuruh tetapi mungkin sudah ada tertanam dalam hati iaitu sesuatu tidak mudah hendak berubah, pokoknya masalah isu Perak terutamanya di kalangan masyarakat Cina yang mungkin telah dipengaruhi dengan sentimen simpati kepada Datuk Seri Ir.Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, kononnya dia 'dijatuhkan', lepas itu kononnya dasar memberi pegangan tanah selama 99 tahun dilihat dasar yang menguntungkan.

Ini yang mungkin menyebabkan sukar BN mendapat sokongan walaupun kita fikir bila mereka hendak sekolah Cina dibantu, kita bantu, sepatutnya mereka membalas budi. Pada waktu itu, kita pun tidak berharap sokongan kaum Cina akan meningkat 40 peratus dan sebagainya cuma kita berharap ada peningkatan sedikit tetapi apa yang berlaku ia mencatatkan penurunan, macam tidak ada penghargaan terhadap apa yang kita lakukan."

Note also Muhyiddin repeatedly said these words were twisted out of context, as if it existed in the first place! Furthermore he add, much to his annoyance of reporters who kept pestering him that "If you don't understand Bahasa, I can send you to school to understand it." and he said that his language in the interview was "very clear and straight". His modus operandi to deny his prejudice now is to retort to the interpreter that his/her command of B.M is weak. Amazing, isn't it? Those Chinese reporters probably didn't even get a simple credit in their B.M paper in SPM! Blame those illiterate, ungrateful, deceitfully conniving reporters!

It goes to show Najib hasn't learned from the mistake of his predecessor Pak Lah "Work with me not work for me" Badawi's cakap lain serupa bikin attitude. His deputy's xenophobic views contradicts his 1Malaysia blueprint vision. But then again, we all know its a fucking facade of lies since this PM made a statement back when he was UMNO Youth leader in early 80s that he will bathe Chinese people's blood in keris. We all know BN's same old modus operandi for winning votes in by-elections; talk about national unity, promise development to non-Malay voters while talking dirty about pendatang and how they're usurping the rights of bumiputeras to Malay voters.

As consolation to haters of BN, they have not learnt their lesson! I suppose the lack of I.Q content by leaders such as Muhyiddin is a good thing. They are still clueless about why non-Malay voters were ungrateful to them?! Use those time and money you're going to spend on "feedback" on more productive things, like going to fucking Disneyland on context of "lawatan sambil belajar" (credit to Khir Toyol). As Malaysiakini put it aptly quoting a popular saying, “Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me!". Voters aren't going to be fooled thrice and elect this retard as the Prime Minister of this country.