Thursday, August 13, 2009

A H1N1: BN's tidak-apa attitude will bring dire consequences

I salute PM Najib for his achievement as nation's 6th Premier; being a worst Prime Minister than even the gutless, impotent Abdullah Badawi.

That totally blew away my expectations. Seriously.

Najib shows that he is not much different than Pak Lah "Work with me not for me" Badawi in terms of putting a charade and let the monkeys roam loose doing shit. Hundreds of millions, I daresay being put in his big fucking phony 1Malaysia campaign. You see big effin banners and billboards on highway, it was bombarded in newspapers and even Limkokwing have composed a 1Malaysia anthem for it (which sounds like the worst Aswara student composing a RTM patriotic song horrors!). And yet Utusan Malaysia spews so much racist venom than ever it made Mein Kempf read like freaking Anne Frank diary. Anyway I digress.

It was only a few days ago that the deathtoll for A H1N1 pandemic was roughly twenty and one day later the bodycount doubled to 40! Today the latest deathtoll reported is 51 What the bloody hell's name is the govt doing? The Sun journalist R.Nadeswaran gave a damning expose on the incompetence of the Immigration Dept in screening passangers arriving at KLIA. In the forms he filled, he even passed himself as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and got away with it! Predictably, the Health Ministry lambasted Nadeswaran;

In the Xinhuanet link, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai said that closing schools were no longer practical to prevent the infection because most patients were infected from the community. Can he explain in detail what he meant by that? Don't you have students from that community who goes to school? And there is no doubt that people who are in contact with infected patients may have travelled across state, thus spreading the virus further unless the HM told us they send a battalion of FRU troops clad in spacesuits the minute they got a call somebody was infected and closed down the community and anyone who tries to escape are tranquilised or shot on spot. I would buy that argument, even if it's made up.

Nobody will trust that the Health Ministry and the government is doing their utmost best in dealing with this crisis if health forms in KLIA are still used as bookmarks. Minister Liow Tiong Lai should quit all his politicking with MCA and concentrate 200% on tacking the H1N1 crisis. India's actions in shutting down schools and cinemas after 15 deaths shows the government's utmost ruthlessness and concern in tackling the pandemic effectively, and not worrying about petty "practical" reasons and economic concerns. The Malaysian government should worry least about these things, and should put the health of the rakyat at their utmost priority. Least of all, don't bluff your people with your lame chest-thumping statements in mainstream media that "Semuanya is ok!".