Monday, May 19, 2008

Sudden Impact always Made My Day

I fucking love Hollywood. Back in the 80s when its cool shit to say Hollywood rocks (unlike today with overdosage of Adam Sandler movies and other garbage). This movie has typical Hollywood-ish elements; two-dimensional characters, kick-ass one liners, and realism you can dump off at your closet. This is the fourth Dirty Harry outing by Clint Eastwood but as a renowned critic put it, Harry Callahan would've been sacked or even prosecuted for being a "walking combat zone" throughout the first three movies. You see for the police force, Harry is a walking migraine for his superiors, constantly killing somebody at least once a few days, a popular fodder for the press and dish loads of damage to San Francisco Police Dept's PR image. Harry busts criminals by his way, what means necessary and costing the police force tons of cash in damages of public property and in every film his partner either gets injured and pulls out or gets killed in action. If your bank or liqour store gets robbed, expect Harry to bust an automobile crashing through your premises to cite an example.

Of all five Dirty Harry movies, this is probably most entertaining and most violent of all that Eastwood starred in. It has the most brilliant and wittiest dialogue and one-liners that borders on ownage. Ironically I failed to neglect saying this is THE only Dirty Harry movie with a bulldog as his sidekick (and thankfully never got killed) instead of an accompanying detective. Need I also mention that part of fun of watching Dirty Harry series is watching baddies attempting to kill Harry himself only to get themselves pWNed? (not to mention being part of casualty statistic as usual).

The premise of this movie is simple. Jennifer Spencer is a murderer-vigilante (played by Eastwood's then-girlfriend Sondra Locke) who kills participants in an incident 10 years earlier where she and her sister were gang-raped. Her poor sister is currently vegitative and Spencer is making a living as an artist. And its business for usual for Harry Callahan as a suspect he busted goes away scot free after a judge decided the evidence that Harry obtained against him was illegal. Afterwards, Harry attends a mobster's granddaughter's wedding party and pissed him off so much he suffered heart attack. Then as usual, Harry's superiors went ballistics ordering him off to few days leave then subsequently sent him on an assignment outside SF for being "walking combat zone" while the mobsters' goons started to hunt for his ass. Oh boy, the fun.

Dispatched on an assigment in San Paolo to investigate the ongoing murder case, Harry received a bulldog named Meathead who becomes his sidekick throughout the movie. Thanks to Meathead he bumped into Ms Spencer herself, unbeknown to Harry himself a murderer and of course they got into some lil' romance and stuff. Meanwhile Chief of San Paolo police finds Harry the same pain in the ass and duh, vice-versa.

I'll get those scumbags to suck some fishheads, then blow their balls off I promise.

The first hour of the film is riotious fun while the next hour turned into nail-biting suspense. Again the fun involves Harry's notorious one-liners. When his suspect made fun of Harry inside an elevator after being acquitted, he retailiated with the "dog-shit" quote. A famous eatery robbery-turns hostage scene has the "Make my day" quotes. And while interrogating a woman in a fish market, he nonchantly told her brothers who wanted to bust him "suck some fishheads". Watch out also for one of the most despicable female villains ever in cinematic history, being responsible for luring Ms Spencer into the gang-rape, has this evil cacophonic laugh and disgustingly bisexual. She even tries to seduce Harry which resulted her getting pWNed by Harry's usual sarcastic lips.

The film reaches a suspenseful climax and a satisfying showdown(which doesn't occur without an unfortunate BIG plot hole. Does Harry Callahan possess ESP skills?!). Thankfully it wasn't as freaking tame as Magnum Force and The Enforcer which these showdowns were pretty much anti-climatic. It's my favorite Dirty Harry film which I would happily watch dozens of times to come.