Monday, August 4, 2008

51st Independence Day approaching for Malaysia. Are we going anywhere?

A lot has been said about the state of politics these days. The drama currently is "Anwar vs Saiful" soap which unfortunately has turned kind of stale, how Hollywood announced there would be sequel to Meet the Spartans. I wouldn't want to touch how Saiful has blown his credibility out of the water with his new blog. I mean, do you get sodomised by force 7-8 times and suddenly pop up a blog capitalizing on your current "trauma" (other than photogenic potraits of him in media which doesn't look like some dick getting assfucked 8 times). I'm no fan of Anwar, I think he's too populist and the way he's desperate to force himself into power by Sept 16 is despicable but still the most neutral observer would tell you who had screwed up. Anyway I digress.

We cannot be expected to live in a fucking utopian world. But the real world we live in sucks balls. They are right. Truth fucking hurts. The fact is when you'd expect March 8th tsunami to bring in change, the dirty linen seems to be dirtier than ever. I don't give a damn about rising cost of living, corruption and typical dilemma than the common Malaysian face this day but what hurts most is this; racial polarisation seems to be wider than ever.

True that; last March 8th Malaysians did the unthinkable. Malays voted for DAP. Non-Malays voted for PAS. Whatever the unfathomable, five years ago deemed unthinkable we did it. And thanks to that, we've seen one fucking hell of a tsunami. Dawn has arrived. So we think.

Now is noon, skies all murky and dark. Is that the picture? Those cibai fucking Nazi politicians are playing the racecard more than ever. Few months ago. Umno Penang division went street demo over Lim Guan Eng's alleged anti-NEP statement. It's blardy irony if those buggers weren't Muslims majority of those demonstrators would've been asked to pack up and go back India. Lets not get to the point the fucking demo backlashed where suddenly people boycotted Penang's mamak and nasi kandar stalls. Who's your daddy now?

In parliament, debate was set up regarding allocation of local universities to non-Bumis. Newspapers reported of Indian students scored 10A1s screaming injustice at being denied entry to local universities. Suddenly Hairy Monkey Jamaluddin after being quiet like a baby since the elections questioned the need for that. Fucking racist always a racist, ain't it?

Then not long few days ago, there were talks of PAS and UMNO having some blardy dialogue or some shit regarding Malay unity or shit and even talks of merging. Of course the chances are as good as Hull City winning English Premier League this season. Still the controversial lebai or whaever Hadi Awang is called suddenly questions why more non-Malays are gaining seats in parliament. Or something liddat. Now this is classic case of kacang lupakan kulit, no prize guessing which one is kulit.

Non-Malays like me cannot forget about how some time ago forum on Article 11 was cancelled because the Nazi Malays were making big noise. Do your Inter-Faith dialogue thing but don't bring Islam in because Islam doesn't believe in pluralism. Not to mention numerous body-snatching cases and forced conversions on children.

The fucking bigots are having the bigger say, that's my point. The liberal Malay voices like Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Amir Muhammad, etc seems to be intimidated by these Nazi conservatives. More is needed to be done. For 50 years, Malaysia had been given the chance while countries like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore were in wilderness. Malaysia had been given an oasis as a headstart; natural resources like rubber, tin, oil, timber etc. And as mother Malaya approaches her 51st birthday, her progress is declining as steadily as the National Football Team in FIFA rankings. Her children are still stuck in tempurung, arguing who should get the biggest piece of pie.

Migration is no way out even for battered, sidelined Malaysians. Other than the usual saying than its better hujan batu di negeri sendiri, hujan emas di negeri lain, migrating is for quitters. The real men will have to stay and continue slugging out for their rights.