Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nothing kicks ass like cool sip of Kilkenny draught

I've had kickass Kilkenny Irish beer draught I had with the French cellist and a good friend Mr K. Funny thing was I was all the usual bitching about this ang moh conductor who gave us a nightmare rehearsal of Rachmaninov 2nd symphony. Mr French cellist hit a nail on my head when he said, "Its easy to bitch and whine about other people, but why not we improve ourselves first?". In a sense this guy is much of a contrast that the other dude Mr K regarding the orchestra.

Dude, its fine you have standards but why the fuck you need to butt in and tell me to find another flute teacher? Seriously? Just because I flunked my conservatory audition? Or just because you changed you cello teacher and you feel that I should "have a change of scenary" too? Fuck me sideways man, with your old teacher you weren't even contemplating life without him. Seriously improve yourself and get your ass somewhere before you have the right to try to dictate my playing and who is teaching me.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hitting dead end.

I slept like what, 12 fucking hours. Relationships are screwing me all over. Why can't I practice my flute in piece and not worry whether the opposite sex will call me or vice-versa?

Same fucking shit, my relationship sinks even before going stepping off step 1.

Sick of trying to chant hours, people telling me about faith and believing that winter will turn into spring. It looks like winter never ends here.

I miss my brother so much. Now living doesn't really matter no more. Sick of trying to "live a good life". I'll fucking go on orgy spree before I die. No more passion for the orchestra, sick of putting up with load of bollocks. Bollocks and all.