Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MCA proves they have sold out the Chinese and became pawn for UMNO

So the election fever is heating up and so are the propaganda by the great big masquerade called Barisan National.

A few key incidents have made the leading party desperate to fish votes for the coming election. Even key columnists for govt-controlled machinery concurred it is unlikely BN can repeat the 2004 landslide victory.

Rising crime, Lingam controversy, Keris-wielding Nazi speeches in UMNO assemblies, two major demonstrations and economic uncertainty are some of the issues Malaysians have to grapple with. It is no surprising BN's propaganda machine has formed a new election theme; "VOTE FOR US OR ELSE..."

Starting is a statement by Selangor minister Datuk Khir Toyo reminding Indians and Chinese not to "main wayang" referring to the Ijok election where despite "promises" by Chinese voters, most voted for Opposition. Hey, what comes around goes around right?

But wait, more despicably for a Chinese like me, the MCA who whored themselves shamelessly to UMNO played along with Khir Toyo. This is militant campaigning, Kerismuddin style. It's Hitler demanding the jews to vote for him to power or else they will face the gas chambers.

I read a mainstream paper today citing a MCA leader defending Kerismuddin's Nazi oratory speeches, telling the Chinese that Kerismuddin has been responsible for building more Chinese schools than any other education ministers.

But wait if you're more disgusted, one of the most honorable BN mps I've known Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun has just blown off all my respect for her telling the Chinese they cannot afford another May 13 incident if there is not enough Chinese representatives in Barisan National.

Here is translation from China Press:

China Press, January 21, 2008 (Monday) Page A11.

Petaling Jaya, Jan 20 - MP for Petaling Jaya Utara Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said that although the voters in Petaling Jaya Utara are very supportive of Barisan Nasional, she is worried that voters may be misled by the Opposition’s “checking Chinese with Chinese” statement.

She refuted Opposition claims that voters can vote for the Opposition to teach UMNO a lesson, as well as to check UMNO’s power within the BN, but in actual fact, the move will result in “checking Chinese with Chinese”.

She stressed, “If there is insufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”

She said that MCA under the leadership of Ong Ka Ting is keen to establish a healthy political culture, in order to give voters better service.

Chew Mei Fun is also the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Deputy Chairman of Wanita MCA. As the head of the MAC Crisis Relief Squad, she launched the Squad’s first mobile clinic today. Her comments were made when she was asked about MCA President Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting’s endorsement of her to defend her parliamentary seat of Petaling Jaya Utara.

She said she was grateful for the president’s trust in her and will strive to work even harder.

When asked about her preparations for the election, she said she has been working since the day she was elected.

Would Chinese voters back a party that has shameless align themselves to a Malay Nazi party which relentlessly spits them in their back? Would they want to vote a party that treated a disgraced Health Minister as a hero? No need to call Captain Obvious for now.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Movies of 2007 recap

As usual there was TONs of 2007 movies I wish I could watch but can't. Amongst them; Hot Fuzz, Walk Hard, Bourne Ultimatum, Zodiac, 28 weeks later, Ratatouille etc. Factors;

- can't find movie date/partner
- too busy with college
- Pirate DVDs are getting glitchy

Here are some movies which I enjoyed the most for 2007


Comic book adaptations and comic book movies are entirely different sort of beasts. 300 is like Roy Lichtenstein's pop art canvases being alive on big screen sort. In another meaning this is probably the best comic movie ever. It's not merely adapting a comic and interpret it on the celluloid, but this is one of the very, very few that sort of transfers every single miniscule motion, strokes, colour and even texture from a comic book to screen - other being Sin City.

With one-liners that that became tiresome fads during its screening (THIS IS SPAAAAARRTAAAA!) and after, plus drop-dead gorgeous cinematography (including naked women and six packs that women will drool and men envy), this movie also uses the tiresome and over-used slow-mo effect and rejuvenate the fight scenes and becoming as cool as when The Matrix first appears. Not surprisingly movies.ign.com nominated this as it's Movie of the Year.

The Simpsons Movie

Critics' consensus may be true; the movie pales with greatest Simpsons episodes of all time, but this title will still give you a riot of a time. From the lengthiest Itchy-and-Scratchy feature ever created to usual puns and sataricals on religion, politics, environmentalists etc one reviewer noted that this movie is a series of jokes rolled out "It's a little like Airplane in a sense - if something flops, the wait for the next gag isn't long." James Berardinelli. Probably funniest movie of 2007.

Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4)

It's a pleasant surprise the fourth installment of Die Hard rocked ass. I still think the first Die Hard is the best (not to mention greatest action film of all time) but Lens Wisemen did a terrific job of confounding my expectations. John McClane is the person who has to save the day when he least expects and this reluctant hero is not one you'd like to fuck around with. As demonstrated even a Harrier fighter who thinks John is just one itsy lil' fly to twat ends up being a casualty. Over the top? Here's one that's even more ridiculously ins
ane, it's bloody enjoyable;

Shoot em' Up

I'd pity Quentin Tarantino if he hadn't watch this flick. The anti-hero, played bad-ass-ly superb by Clive Owen started out taking out bad guys with lead while helping a lady in child labor. He can stab people in the eye with his favorite snack. You can't even think of ambushing this motherfucker while he's busy banging a hooker. And this guys can literally walk out alive out of a building taken over by a battalion of SAS/SWAT team-looking enemies armed with M-16s. If you think that's over-the-top, the final showdown and the bank robbery scene before credits will either make your jaw drop several times over. Not likely contender for "Movies of 2007" list as opposed to Grindhouse, but still a must watch.



It's a bafflement why this double-feature bombed in box office, but this title is definitely on most lists of Movies of 2007. Tarantino's Death Proof has probably the most infectiously brilliant script ever written since Pulp Fiction (even though the protagonists yap through the material that has NOTHING to do with the movie most of the time). Kurt Russell's debut as a villian is delightfully charming, but twisted and even pitiful at times and the car chase in later half is dangerously thrilling . Rodriguez' Planet Terror is an orange from Tarantino's Apple altogether and sometimes it's like The Simpsons movie, except replace jokes with barrage of gross-outs from testicles, graphic footages of genatalia screwed up by STDs of worst nightmares, some fucked up acne problems (and watching Fergie getting her brains eaten is much more fun than Paris Hilton dying) to name some few. Rose McGowen is one hot leading babe, from her a-go-go limping machine-gun leg to her really hot lovemaking scene with Wray (spoiled intentionally by an abrupt missing reel). If those double features are more than enough, the four "faux" trailers are more than just complementary extras, from Rodriguez' awesomely badass "Machete", a "Werewolf Women of SS" spiced up by the best few seconds ever cameo by Nicholas Cage (FU MANCHU!) to dementedly sick Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving". These short features can own many pathetic attempts at B-movie violence and gore in mere one minute and plus.

Movies STILL need to be catched; Lust, Caution; No Country for Old Men, Elizabeth the Golden Age, Sweetney Todd.