Monday, December 28, 2009

The defensive agenda of the ultra racists

This comment is posted on Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's blog. God knows if he understands English.

I have noticed the sort of "defensive" agenda these people like Ridhuan Tee, Utusan and ultra-racist side of UMNO used to spread hatred. That the Malay people have been patient for too long, that Muslims are most peace-loving and accomodating of all religions, and the Malay people have been giving more than taking in race relations, bla bla bla.

While they may have a point when the Opposition largely silent regarding the position of vernacular schools, issue of mother tongue and race-based organisations such as Dong jiao Zong, these people with defensive agendas usually conveniently forgets jusfications such as these schools being self-funded (as opposed to BTN). And these people probably has a history of mental or psychiatric problems because they conjure so-called "facts" out of thin air, such as Ridhuan Tee's complaint of non-Muslim worships and graveyards exceeding the number of their own. Why is it I heard a Catholic church in Shah Alam took 20 years to gain approval from state govt while in the last five years the trend of humble suraus being replaced by mega-ornate mosques everywhere yet comes solat barely few Muslimats are seen doing their prayers (except come Friday)? Non-Muslims also have an option of cremating their own (P/S: Encik Ridhuan boleh jelaskan bolehkan seseorang Muslim membakar jenazah keluarga mereka?) so at least we ARE saving some space for our Muslim brothers because they do not have an option to do so. Ain't we a tolerent lot?!

Funny enough Ridhuan Tee also complains that the Christmas holiday celebrations have been eclipsing the scale of hype of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Boo hoo hoo, perhaps Ridhuan tee should explain why Taoists, Buddhists, Freethinkers, Atheists were busy celebrating a holiday that were supposed to celebrate Jesus or Christianity? Or Ridhuan Tee is envious that Santa didn't didn't give him a present this year or a leggy Santa Rina on his lap?

Sadly Mr Ridhuan (I hope as a university lecturer you can understand my simplified English) this sort of behaviour is also what we called delusional selfishness. Do you think only the Malays suffer when some Chinese light up huge coloks come Hungry Ghost Festival? Did you ever not think of the Christians, Hindus and sensitive allergic Chinese (or Indians/lain-lain race) who could probably die inhaling a whiff of the smoke? Have you ever stop to think also how much non-Malays also put up their effort to accomodate their Malay brethens? For example, having to get accustomed to loud solat broadcasts come 5 a.m. When Muslims dine at our house or parties we take the pain of using Halal silverware, plates and cutlery not tainted by pork. For God sake lah Ridhuan when you send your kid to a SJKC you think those canteen operators want to get sued for serving non-halal food to your kid?! In BTN or other government institutions, do the vegetarians complain when your Malay operators refused to accomodate their needs? No, they rather starve to death or get gastric lest they get accused of being "ultra kiasu", or worst getting busted under Sedition Act for questioning the rights of Malays *gasp*.

Encik Ridhuan, no need to play fire with fire in order to make a point. And don't be so pretentious with the fact just because you use budi bahasa sweet language to spread lies and slender doesn't mean you are holier and better person than the "uncivilised" commentators on your blog (you know who). And nobody is buying your "We're the victim, we're the oppressed" agenda BS - stop it because it makes you look like a fool. Don't go destroying the barrier of goodwill between non-Muslims and your Muslimat because what you are doing now makes you no better than the so-called "ultra kiasus" you're attacking - its opposite.