Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No more politics for now.

So I have yet to post feedback regarding the great "tsunami" that happened on March 8. Pretty much everybody's sentiments:

- UMNO can stop shoving keris around since Malays have started to grow up. Don't call those who vote for DAP traitors! It's pot calling kettle black shit especially for mamaks and wannabe immigrants like Khir Toyol (who's a Javanese) and Zainuddin Maidin (they call him mamak so definitely he's from india)

- The Barisan Rakyat has TONS of work to do. We all know how easily the pendulum swings after such massive victory (eg from "Reformasi" 1999 to 2004) Stop the infighting and power bickering shit (esp the Perak MP fiasco)

- It's funny how MCA accuses DAP of being power hungry when few days later I think MCA has to eat it's own words. Pot calling kettle black too har har. Shahidan Kassim disrespected the Perlis Sultan by saying that the person who replaces him as Perlis MP is the "Opposition". Also after Cabinet line-up announced two ministers refused their posts because they think they deserve better! And worse; Mahathir's son Muhriz' letter asking Pak Lah to resign. Who's gloating now?

- The mainstream media are getting "neutral" but still MSMs like NST and The Star are licking BN's arse while Utusan is guilty of spreading UMNO fascism and discord amongst Malaysians. The Sun still rules. It's funny how some journalists are clever in their "chamaleon"-like attitude like The Star's Wong Chun Wai >_>

For days after days I've kept reading analysis after analysis about the elections in newspapers till today. Enuff is enuff la, move on to other crap ok. Liek if Obama can be Democratic nominee for President this coming September =P

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Election times are here

Malas updating blog, since wasted so much time at Facebook group; "Deny Barisan National 2/3rds majority" and, which is now free for viewing for a week.

So have I registered as a voter? Yes sirreee. So which constituency am I and who are the candidates? I'm based in Selayang constituency and the candidates are; Lee Li Yew (BN-MCA), William Leong (PKR) and Koh Swe Yong (PRM).

There is no question who am I voting. Even if I have no clue of the candidate of my choice. Except he was a lawyer (quote from NST) helping residents in the area opposing the high-tension national grid line running from Bukit Tarek in Rawang to Chubadak in Kuala Lumpur.

Will post updates in future. Keep this page bookmarked.