Monday, September 24, 2007

Chelski fans are a joke.

Since "Teh Special One"s supposed resignation, it comes to no surprise the London club has gone into a state of mourning sort of like when the Princess of Wales died in a car crash in 1997. Why not? Since "Teh Special One's" reign, they won the Premiership twice when it would've taken another 100 years for them to achieved, broken records of all sorts (most points accumulated as champions, less goals conceded blah blah) and qualified for the Champions League Semi Finals thrice. Even those who despises him cannot fail to admit his colourful "Moaningho-isms" that has spiced up sports tabloids before and after games. His comments could border from instant pWNage against particularly a Sir Alex Ferguson to downright embarassing, banal and hypocritical (again, who's perfect? Not even my beloved Mr Arsene).

But then consider also ironically "Teh Special One" could not win a Champions League trophy with 100 million pounds more budget compared with his shrewd days in Porto and lately while his post-match commentaries were as colourful as ever, his team's display on the pitch contradicted that. The draw in Rosenburg and loss at Aston Villa proves that. Kudos for Abromovich for doing the sensible thing (if indeed he did, but who cares?!).

Perhaps the bewilderament are sentiments of some Chelsea fans that seemed to direct their anger towards their club's Benefactor for the sacking of their beloved idol. Quote this sentence I found in a blog:

"Who cares about that Russkie owner and his oily roubles? Without a good manager, a good, inspirational anchor, the team would be nothing! "

What a sorry state they are to even realise without even Abramovich, they could not even thought of fantasizing "Teh Special One" coming to the club to coach the team. -_-