Thursday, December 22, 2011

Walking tickling time bomb.

Tried to do my best as a human being, but gaining attention and affection is like rocket science to me. Never cheated a girl in my life, but none ever gave me a chance.

Isn't it nice if we can switch off these self-destructing emotive chemicals in our brain at will?

I'm falling victim to what I loathe as emo-ing douchebag. Emoing are for pussies. Yet I'm trying hard to be something that I am not.

Almost few times in a week I'd wish I'd taken place my brother who died in an accident. It should've been me, even though he is a temperamental kid, he had much to live for. I am past my prime in my age, and I think I must've accumulated quite a number of bad karma for me to be still in a fucked up state.

I've been a walking time bomb for so many years its a wonder I'm still alive. Until when?

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